Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Local Band and Pipers

A few local musicians from the past and present...

The Greenock Scout Association’s Corlic Pipe Band, 1971. I heard them play several times that year. (They became The Greenock District Scout Pipe Band in 1972)

A pipe tune written for me, "Miss Jane Edney" (as I was then) in 1971. I heard the band play it a couple of times but don't have a recording, which is a pity.

Local pipe band history:

Tommy Cuffe of The Red Hackle

Our friend Ian from Glasgow playing the highland bagpipe (1998), and the Uilleann pipes below (2007)


Denis Bell said...

Hi Jane, Very many thanks for your gracious and courteous comments on my stuff.
I also really like your presentation style and content, well done!
Thanks too for your useful links. You've opened a few more doors for me and I hope to comment on some of your earlier postings too.
I have been delighted to work in Greenock since last October and I know why you'd want to come back; this last 8 weeks has been magic with such great weather. Kindest regards, to you and Geoffrey, Denis.

Lenora said...

This is great info to know.

Melinda the Intrepid said...

The gentleman in full regalia photo was stunning! Wish I could hear the song written for just you, Miss Edney! I love the sound of bagpipes!

Jane said...

Me too Melinda!