Saturday, June 21, 2008


A few photos from happy times spent in Glasgow over the years with family and friends.

Here I am in the Botanic Gardens, 1961

Feeding the pigeons!

Our friend, Ian, in Kelvingrove Park, 1986

George Square 1987

Geoffrey in George Square, 1996

At The Ubiquitous Chip restaurant with Ian in 1996
(I remember we had the most delicious vegetarian haggis with tatties and neeps!)

Geoffrey on Kelvin Bridge underneath the statue of philosophy, 2007!
(Very appropriate with his on-going studies at Swansea University!)

The River Kelvin, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, 2007...

...and the three photos below were taken at the nearby Museum of Transport the same day, Geoffrey in his element! Sadly, we ran out of time so will go there again before too long. They've promised he can sit inside the vehicles next time which will make it a much more rewarding experience (as happened at a transport museum we visited in England once).

Relief Map in Buchanan Street

This one by Kathleen Chambers is cast in bronze. The river channel fills with water when it rains, so it looks like a real river! The street names are marked in letters and in Braille, so that anyone blind or visually impaired can find out where they are. Some landmarks are shown in miniature to help if you are lost. We both thought this was marvellous!


Melinda the Intrepid said...

I went to Glasgow for surgery and again to see the Castle there. What are "neeps"? Are "tatties" potatoes? Do you have any photos on your blog of the castle in Glasgow? Am I mixed up, was it in Edinburgh?

The ferry you show, the Caledonian, was about the size of the one I used to take to Gourock.

Jane said...

I think the castle you are remembering is the one in Edinburgh. Yes, 'neeps' are turnips and 'tatties' potatoes!