Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Greenock - Ardgowan Square

A few photos (of many!) taken in Ardgowan Square over the years, where we lived for a while, and where my great-aunts lived for many years

My first car, 1957!

Out on the back green with my Mum, 1958...

...and with Auntie Lett

Out the front, with the Bowling Club behind, 1958

Granny on the front step, 1966

Aunt Gwen (right) with our friends who lived in flats upstairs, 1982

Aunt Gwen and I in 1982

Aunt Gwen, 1984

The old house and the corner of Ardgowan Square in 1987

A friend in Greenock sent me this photo of my aunts' old house, taken around 2003. I don't know who lives there now.


Denis Bell said...

Hi Jane, these are lovely and what a treat for you to share with us personal reflections..they are really super and show your deep pride and love for the family.

The pictures tell so much of the bygone days and styles and how people were and always are proud, even though sometimes coyishly 'shy'. Super, thankyou, Denis.

Jane said...

Thank you Denis for your very kind comments!

Anonymous said...

...it is great to have photos of the youth and I see a very kind family, it is lovely to see all the pictures, your friend klaus h

Jane said...

Lieber Klaus, danke für deine Kommentare - gefällt mir sehr!

melissa_blue@hotmail.co.uk said...

i don't know where to begin? thats my house! i live there. you know the photo with the red car, yeah that was my car a few years back. i've lived in the house since 1999 when i was 8 with my family. im now 16 and want to find out about it. i was wondering if you knoew what it was before you lived there??

melissa x

Jane said...

Hi Melissa, Amazing to hear that you live there now! I'll try your email address as you've given it and I can answer any questions you might have, and tell you more about the history of the house.
Best wishes,

Melissa said...

Jane x

My email doesn't seem to be working, but I really only have one question. We have heard that the house used to be a doctors surgery. Could you tell me if this is true? I can't find any evidence but you may know.

Best wishes
Melissa x

Jane said...

Dear Melissa,
Yes, my Auntie Gwen had her surgery in one of the front rooms for many years - I am sending you an email with more details. Hope you receive it - let me know if not!
Best wishes, Jane X

Melinda the Intrepid said...

Such great clear photos of you as a child and a teen. You are so pretty and look happy in them. How amazing that you went back to see your old home.