Saturday, June 21, 2008

Greenock Academy

I went to the original Greenock Academy, which was in Nelson Street. (It was pulled down in 1964 and the pupils moved to the new school in Madeira Street) How well I remember being scared by Miss Tannock and later, the kindness of Mrs Russell. We stayed in touch for years until her death.

In my Academy uniform, 1960

In Ardgowan Square, 1961

My class photo - not sure of the date; possibly 1961
(I'm in the second row from the front, second on the right)


Anonymous said...

Seems just like yesterday that we were having the class photo taken. I remember, Jane, that you were the best artist in the class.

Steven Branford

Jane said...

Thanks so much for your comment Steven - I'm amazed that you'd remember I was always drawing (I'm sure I wasn't the best though!) You'll have to remind me where you are in the photo - I'm sorry my memory is so bad!! Lovely to hear from you - please write again and give me an update on your own life!
Best wishes, Jane

Ronnie. said...

Hi there Jane,
I stumbled upon your site and fair enjoyed it.
I think you must have been a year or two above me.
Does this time of year not bring back memories of dance practice under the auspicious eye of Jimmy Lobban?

Ronnie Phillips

Jane said...

Great to hear from you Ronnie, thanks for leaving the message! I wish I could remember that dance practice or that teacher but I don't - I remember other teachers I had (Miss Tannoch and Mrs Russell), and much else besides. I wish I had a photo of the old school but I've never come across one so far!

Melinda the Intrepid said...

LOVE the school day photos! So, you were an artist even back then? Maybe you can tell me about the kindnesses of those teachers to you, sometime. Were you a good student?

Jane said...

Many thanks again!! Well I used to draw and sketch (mostly horses!) but nowhere near as good at your art!! Mrs Russell was a lovely teacher and we stayed friends for years. I still have a lovely book of flowers she sent me. I wasn't much of a student as I was away ill so much of the time. I never seemed to catch up (like me with emails these days, lol)

Ian Lyall said...

Jane, I think you must have been the year ahead of me at GA. I went into P 1 in 1960. I have four older sisters With Alison nearest in age. Do you remember her? We lived in a house on Octavia Terrace with wonderful views over to Roseneath, Dunoon and Helensburgh. I remember the old school. I recall we moved in 1965 when I was about 10 years. I haven't a very similar class photograph taken outside the girls' toilets! I recognised a couple of faces. The fair haired boy is a Kirk?

Alan Laird said...

Oh my God, I just ran across this. I recognize several faces in that small picture!!!!!