Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isle of Bute

A beautiful island I have only visited once so far!

The ferry coming into Rothesay

View from the edge of the town - so tranquil

Scalpsie Bay, as seen from the open-top bus
On the south western coastline and looking out over the Sound of Bute towards the island of Arran. The only access to the beach is across the fields. There's a large colony of seals here but I didn't see any that day!

The village of Kerrycroy from the bus
A peaceful village on the Isle of Bute with a fine sandy bay and a stone pier, directly south of Rothesay of at the end of the shore road. It was designed by Maria North, the wife of the second Marquis of Bute, who was inspired by the model of an English village.

Port Bannatyne, a mile and a half north of Rothesay

The bus with the driver on top


Sarah and John said...

Great photos Jane. We retraced your footsteps I think and we astonished to find such an unspoilt place so close to the big city of Glasgow. Kerrycroy is something else! We discovered there were prehistoric Standing Stones down the west coast of the island aligned to hills on Arran and over in Kintyre. Also discovered a real Russian Tavern run by Russians at the yacht village of Port Bannatyne in the north that's great fun, and with flapping fresh seafood! Quite a island!
Thanks for your tip! Sarah and John

Jane said...

Hi Sarah and John, Many thanks for this! I wish we'd seen the standing stones as my husband is particularly interested in them. A good reason to go back before long (along with lots of other good reasons!!) The Russian tavern is quite a surprise - we went to Port Bannatyne on the bus but I didn't see it.
Best wishes to you both, Jane

Gerard Ward said...

Nice set of pics Jane,I didn't know you could get a tour bus round the island,I will add that to my list!

I went across last week for a few hours,it was a beautiful winters day,I didn't go far but it was very relaxing watching the ferry coming and going.


Jane said...

Thanks Gerry - I envy you going over there so recently! I've now added a photo of the tour bus. It only runs in season of course but I hope you give it a try sometime. The commentary the driver gave us was great too - he knew the island like the back of his hand.
Best wishes, Jane

Melinda the Intrepid said...

Wow! I never knew they had tour buses much less that they had open tops! That Isle of Bute is so gorgeous. To think it was close to Greenock and I could have gone there. I sure missed a lot.