Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Largs - Modern Day

"Tucked in between the hills and the sea,
Largs remains a traditional family resort,
its guest houses and B&Bs spreading out
behind an elongated seaside promenade."

(from "Scotland, The Rough Guide")

"The real attraction of Largs is two-fold. Firstly, there are the hills with their steep slopes and glens lying behind, and, secondly, there is the firth in front with the Cumbrae showing pleasantly green over the sea and offering a foil to the dark Arran peaks which rise beyond."
(from "Round About Greenock" by T.G. Snoddy)

Some of my photos of favourite parts of the town and beyond:

Two similar views - two different times of day

In the mellow evening light - such a nice place to walk on a fine evening!

Nodsdale Water, near to where it flows into Largs Bay

The nearby Boating Pond

On the promenade looking north

South of the town, the 70 ft high Pencil Monument
completed in 1912, commemorates the Battle of Largs (1263)
An attractive walk is from Largs to the Pencil, and beyond to the Marina

Above Douglas Park in an adjoining field: Haylie Chambered Tomb (3000BC),
discovered in 1772 by James Wilson of Haylie, when it still contained the remains of five people


Melinda the Intrepid said...

Largs is beautiful too, as is all of Scotland. I loved the quote by the author, as well, so picturesque in words alone. Looking at the map of where Largs is, I wonder if that was the road my husband and I rode our motorcycles on to get to the ferry over to the Isle of Mann. The road ran all along the coast.

Jane said...

Yes, it would have been the same coast road. I'm not sure where the ferry left for the Isle of Man - usually it's from Liverpool in England