Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Cloch Lighthouse

"Just south of Gourock, beyond McInroy's Point, is the Cloch Lighthouse, designed by Robert Stevenson and Thomas Smith. The tower is 80 feet high...The Cloch has a fixed white light, visible for 14 miles, which is paired with the Gantocks Light at Dunoon to warn approaching shipping that they are entering the River Clyde." (from "The River Clyde" by Innes Macleod and Margaret Gilroy)

It is amazing to me that, in all the hundreds of times I went by car past the Cloch Lighthouse in either direction, I never stopped to take a photo of it! All I have are these, taken from so much further away, in October 2007. I hope to remedy this the next time I'm in the area.

The Cloch Lighthouse as seen from Dunoon, and (below) from the ferry
The Cloch Caravan Park is perched on the ridges of the hill behind.
(I've stayed there twice but still have to say it spoils the view!!)

The lighthouse was built as far back as 1797

Here's a link to better photos which others have taken:

This is a postcard which I've had in a scrapbook since 1972

View across the water from a caravan on a hill behind the Cloch Lighthouse, 1996


Gerard Ward said...

Not sure if you have seen this site,a live web cam,worth keeping an eye on when the big liners are in.


One of the largest cruise liners ever built arrived in Greenock on Friday.

Truly a leviathan,it was the clearest summer evening ever!


Fairly Bad Mother said...

Hi, Im an honary Scot curtesy of the In Laws, we (hubby, kids and I) finally moved to the Dunoon area in 2006 and have this webcamera on to show how stunning the Clyde can be in all weathers (sorry camera is a bit rubbish, trying to update it)

www.clydeview.camstreams.com There is another one called bowls and golf I think that shows Cowel Golf and Bowls Club, and yet another from the top of Lyle Hill (he has a better camera :) )

I have a blog page but keep losing the url

Jane said...

Many thanks Fairly Bad Mother (great name!) I will have a look at the webcams you mention and hopefully see your blog as well! I'd love to live in the Dunoon area, I'm very fond of it there.

Best wishes,

Melinda the Intrepid said...

Can't believe that lighthouse is that old and that probably I could have seen it from Dunoon or Greenock. So, Caravan parks are more common now? Oh, how do I put a link to your website here on my blog?

Jane said...

If you go to 'Design' at the top (right), then 'Add a Gadget', then 'html', you can start a list of favourite blogs - or any other links. Just copy and paste the whole of the name of the webpage (http/www. etc from the top) You can give each list a name and change the content at any time.