Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gourock 1972 and 2007

It's very strange that I have so few photos from my childhood taken in Gourock, especially as we went there so often (it's so very close to Greenock) - and later on too, when we visited friends (including my old school teacher) who lived there. I'll make a point, next time I'm in the area, to take lots of photos! In the meantime, all I have are these:

Here's a programme I kept from a pipe festival which I attended in 1972!

Also in 1972, my aunts and Mum leaving The Gantock Hotel after lunch. (It was later pulled down and rebuilt as the Jarvis Ramada Hotel, closed in 2007 then burnt down in 2008, the site completely cleared - and, the last I heard, flats are to be built there!)

Gourock from the Dunoon ferry, October 2007
(You can just make out the Cross of Lorraine on top of the Lyle Hill)

Kempock Point from the ferry

A short video of the coastline, again from the ferry


Melinda the Intrepid said...

I had no idea that one could post videos. Must they be very short? I wish I could remember more about Gourock and Greenock. I am glad you had some photos of them to share.

Jane said...

I don't think they need be short. If you have anything already on YouTube, you can add the link from there.