Monday, June 9, 2008

On The Lyle Hill, Greenock

Some views from the top - quite breathtaking on a clear, fine day.
My photos don't do them justice, alas!

"To look down from the Lyle Hill, that wonderful viewpoint,

is to look on a striking arrangement of natural scenery"
T. G. Snoddy from "Round About Greenock"

The Cross of Lorraine

This monument is dedicated to the memory of the sailors of the Free French Naval Forces who sailed from Greenock in the years 1940-1945 and gave their lives in the battle of the Atlantic for the liberation of France and the success of the Allied cause.

Looking over to Kempock Point, Gourock

Battery Park, some of Cardwell Bay, and the views across the water

Aunt Gwen's inscribed bench is down there on the far side,
only just visible if you look at the larger version of the photo.
(This is the plaque on the bench)

A train leaving Fort Matilda Station

...and two photos from long ago!
Here I am on the Lyle Hill with Auntie Ray, May 1957

There is a very interesting page about the Lyle Hill here


Denis Bell said...

Jane, lovely, you have an eye for the 'scene' and a kind heart...I love the way you are so romantic about your family (and your excellent records) and so very proud of your roots!
I've only worked in Inverclyde for about a year, but can see all the goodness that still shines through from the relatively more recent depressed years of the industrial legacy......Your records are priceless. If you contact Kynesis (business consultancy, Glasgow) a Paul Foley might email you a copy of 'Sense of Place',...I think you can easily empathise with it's thrust...thought provoking and stimulating! You 'have it' in Greenock.
Kind regards, Denis.

Denis Bell said...

Jane, just another thought...
I did the Lyle after a day's work, it allowed me to use the motorbike on Friday eve in Summer, to see the Grand Princess go 'doon the watter' from our sunny climes to 'elsewhere'....I was thinking about the bushes for a quick pitstop, and never did (disrespectful!) and 2 minutes later a panda car came abouts, kind of like some divine intervention! It's a magical place worthy of many visitors and a fitting memorial 'with a view'. Br, Denis.

Jane said...

Thanks so much for this Denis - it's much appreciated. I will reply more fully over on your blog!
Best wishes, Jane

Denis Bell said...

Hi Jane, this link might get you to Kynesis...Paul and Caroline started the business consultancy ages ago and thery're old work colleagues when I was a'customer'....I did the 'Sense of Place' (free thinking evening) with them and others invited to an evening in Glasgow School of Art last year.

Kind regards, Denis.

Melinda the Intrepid said...

Is Fort Matilda Station, the only train from Greenock to Glasgow? If so, we rode it many times to Glasgow. These photos from Greenock are stunning, Jane!

Jane said...

There are lots of stations along the way between Greenock and Glasgow. However, you may have boarded the train at Fort Matilda as it's not far from the ferry. Thanks for the compliments Melinda!!

Nesbett said...

Nesbett Robertson
What amazing pictures. I was born in Greenock 16/10/1950.Returned last year after 40 years. My brothers and I used to play in the field around The French Memorial. It's a shame as a child you never see the beauty of The Clyde. I hope to come up again soon from my home in Reading England.

Jane said...

Lovely to hear from you Nesbett - thank you so much for your message and kind comments! I'm sure we share many of the same memories of the area in the 50s and 60s. Hope you get back very soon!
Best wishes,