Saturday, June 7, 2008

Greenock Esplanade - My Old Photos

Here are some of my scanned-in old photos - they're not very clear I'm afraid. All taken on, or beside, The Esplanade, many years ago!

Here I am way back in 1957 with my (Great) Auntie Ray

I used to be taken there to feed the seagulls!

You can see part of the old Princes Pier in the background

Posing for the camera!

A slightly later photo

My mother in 1960 before we moved away...

..and me in 1966 back in Greenock on holiday

All the children from Miss Francis's 'school' on The Esplanade in 1968. That's me at the back - I went there because I spent several months in Greenock that year. It was really an infant school but a few older ones were there for tutoring. I remember the little girl in red was called Alison but can't remember the names of anyone else. I wonder what happened to them all? (The original photo was blurred, hence the very poor quality)

A blurry me in 1978

1980 (Yes, I'm afraid that is my Ford Cortina on the left!)

There were some beautiful flowers on The Esplanade in 1980


Gerard Ward said...

Song of the Clyde,fantastic,I only heard it for the first time a few months ago!

Jane said...

Many thanks Gerry - I've added the link under the words! It's sung by Kenneth McKellar - I actually have the same as a single but haven't played it for years because I don't have a record player!

Anonymous said...

What type of flowers are they, we are doing a project and need the answer ASAP

Jane said...

The pink ones are definitely roses, the yellow ones in the photo above I'm not so sure about but I think they were marigolds. Good luck with the project!

Melinda the Intrepid said...

Jane, you were in Greenock the same time I was visiting there to eat and shop, and buy pets. We could have passed on the street. How amazing! Love the photo with the old car behind you.