Saturday, June 21, 2008

Greenock - Brisbane Street

Four photos from the back garden of our house

Some very tall daisies (or perhaps I was very short!) 1959

With my dear Mum

Another one from 1959...

...and one taken in 1960

I think this old bill is interesting (click to view larger) - a bit different from today's prices!


klaus4044 said...

Liebe Jane, it is great to have photos of the time we was a child, I like this pictures, liebe Grüße klaus h

Jane said...

Thank you dear Klaus!

Melinda the Intrepid said...

Do you speak German, Jane or did you use a translator? Loved the photo of you with the huge bears! This blog is great! You put so many links into it!

Jane said...

I don't really speak German, but I have learnt to write a few words and phrases thanks to Klaus who is one of my penpals! I started a proper CD and book course a couple of years ago but I was too lazy to keep it up! I used to speak Italian years ago as I used to go to Italy regularly.