Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Cowal Peninsula

Always a favourite place to visit, going over on the ferry from Gourock to Dunoon

The Cowal Highland Gathering programme cover from when I went there in 1971!
Here's the current website:

The ferry approaching Dunoon, 2007

The waves lapping in at Dunoon, 2007

A reflection at the beautiful Benmore Botanic Gardens, 2007
More information:

Toward Lighthouse at the southern tip of the peninsula


Gerard Ward said...

The only problem with the botanic gardens is that they close in October,I wish it opened all year.I will always remember my first view of the Redwood trees.


Jane said...

Oh yes, the redwood trees are magnificent I agree. I didn't realise it was closed in October - and we nearly went back there too!

Melinda the Intrepid said...

How exciting to see, through your blog that the Highland games were called the Cowal Highland games. I could not remember what to call them. I loved seeing them, especially the marching bands. Do they still have the sheepdog trials there? The photo of the Benmore Gardens is just stunning!