Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Outerwards Reservoir

A few scenes from beside this small reservoir in Brisbane Glen a few miles inland from Largs along the lovely road to Loch Thom. Noddsdale Water flows from here into Largs Bay.

Below, looking south - you can just see the Clyde in the distance

Outerwards Reservoir

Looking north into the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park


Gerard Ward said...

Its a clever piece of Victorian engineering.

Jane said...

Thanks Gerry - yes, it is indeed. I don't know enough about the construction to write very much. I seem to have been concentrating on reservoirs in my blog recently! I'll put up something different next week once I'm back from the in-laws in Plymouth!

Denis Bell said...

Hi Jane, thankyou again for your kind comments on nsl4u....much appreciated.
I am amazed at the quality and interest of content, of the sites of the blog-a-teers. It's great fun and your items are so well constructed and factual that they are of super importance to the heritage of our 'areas' - 'sense of place' right enough. Luckily there are those of us who share our passions.

Kindest regards, Denis.

Colin said...

as one former Clydesider to another, it was great to see your collection of pictures and comments. I surfed in on your site while looking for pictures of Brisbane Glen [Outerwards Reservoir]. I used to exercise my dog by the resevoir, when I lived in Largs, then cycled past it several times, after moving to Glasgow. Now, viewed from Toronto, your Scottish/Clydeside pictures have served to make the distance and time seem shorter.

Thank you,


Jane said...

Thank you very much Colin - it's lovely to hear from you. I'm so glad you liked seeing the blog and that it brought back some memories of when you lived in the area. It must be a very different life in Toronto, but a beautiful place from what I've heard.
Very best wishes,