Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Greenock Cut 2

One of our favourite walks, which is in the hills above Greenock and close to Loch Thom; we usually start at the Cornalees Centre (below) which is a good place to have a drink and a snack afterwards! These photos were taken in October 2008.

Inverkip and the Clyde from the Cut

A farm close to the Cut and path - you can see a closer photo in my previous blog here, plus more information about this beautiful area

Beow, a waterfall near to the Cornalees Centre (closer in the video clip at the end)

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Denis Bell said...

Hi Jane, thanks again for your kind support. I've been the usual mega busy at work and also catching up with my own stuff and have missed getting onto your fabulous blog for a few weeks. I've not read your recent content properly but will looks great. Thanks too for your Season's greetings..all the very best to you and Geoffrey over the festive period. Happy socialising and enjoying the freedom and fresh air. [I note too your love of Runrig, who are also one our favourite bands..brill haunting ballads - 'Lighthouse'...etc].
Kindest regards, Denis.