Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Largs Pier

Some photos, from October 2008, of the pier in Largs - which I shall never see again! This is because it is being replaced with a brand new one over the next few months...

For more information, see here

Update (December 2008) :

Unexploded Bomb found under Pier!

(Thanks to Gerry for alerting me to this article)


Gerard Ward said...

Nice story Jane I have this one pencilled in for publication soon my self,I hope calmac let the public onto the pier,its been an annoyance to a lot of folk since they closed it.Health and safety is just an excuse to keep the public out.

Did you try the green shutter tea room beside the pier,now owned by Nardinis,its not bad,nice in the winter [looks like winter in your pics!] my mother worked in there for a number of years,

Jane said...

Many thanks Gerry. Yes I can imagine how annoying it must be not having access to the pier. We didn't try that tea room - will have to be the next time! Interesting that your mother worked there.

Gerard Ward said...

Interesting story about largs pier on the BBC news tonight.


Jane said...

What an amazing find - thank goodness it was safely destroyed. How incredible to think it has been under the pier all this time and no one realised it was there. I've added the link to the Pier blog, thanks Gerry