Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Largs: Apartment 24

Where we stayed in October, at Underbank, just outside Largs on the Greenock road. What a lovely flat it is with a balcony and great views across the Clyde! It was so warm and comfortable too (just what you need when it's blowing a gale outside!) with so much attention to detail and lots of extras. Definitely somewhere to recommend to anyone wondering where to stay in Largs - just click here for the website for full infomation and lots of photos. (In actual fact it was also cheaper than our previous caravan holiday in Gourock, yet 100% better!)

Above: the entrance to Underbank

The view from the kitchen window

The living room

Looking out through the balcony off the living room

View from the bedroom of the lawns and carpark

Below, more photos through the living room's patio doors, including some early evening shots. You can see the raindrops on the glass! (Click on photos to enlarge)

I could have looked out at the view all day! There are always interesting boats and ships out on the Clyde and you can see Cumbrae, Bute and the peaks of Arran too.

Below: golden rays over the hills of Argyll
, close to sun set.

Here's a video I made from across the road, which shows Apartment 24 at the start. There was a strong wind (which you will hear!) so it was impossible to keep the camera steady.


Gerard Ward said...

Jane you do a great job of selling Largs! You could get a job with the tourist board. I stayed in the Brisbane just down the road,unfortunately we had no view worth talking about.

That pic of the golden rays is very nice ,but why didn't you go outside and take it! It would have been amazing!

Jane said...

Thanks so much Gerry! I will be adding more Largs photos soon. I didn't go outside to take that photo because it was blowing a gale and difficult to hold the camera steady. I also thought the sky might have changed by the time I got downstairs and outside!