Friday, December 18, 2009

Isle of Bute: Ettrick Bay

Another beautiful bay, perhaps the most beautiful on Bute, 3 miles west of Rothesay on the opposite coastline.

A stranded kite

Below is the Ettrick Bay Tearoom which had actually just closed when we arrived, to our disappointment, it being quite late in the day. However, the owner, Alex Gibson, who was inside baking amazingly large lemon meringue pies, actually opened up to allow us some welcome coffee and cakes, which we appreciated very much. There is a photo of him on the tearoom website here. (Next time we are on Bute we will come here for lunch because the food is renowned and Alex is an experienced and excellent cook. The menu was very enticing!)

Geoffrey enjoying his coffee. This was just before our smiles vanished as I lost my car keys and we were sure I'd locked them in the boot of the car. It was very kind of Alex to help us search for them - they were found eventually after I went back and forth between the car and the cafe several times. What a carry on!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely stretch of beach,I remember there use to be a fishing boat that was wrecked on the beach,I took dozens of pictures of it.

Never been in the cafe at the beach,by the way I reckon your husband is the most photographed husband on the net! I seldom get my picture taken!


All the best for xmas and perhaps 2010 will be your homecoming.

Jane said...

Thank you very much Gerry, interesting about that wreck - would be great to see some of the photos.

My husband hates having his photo taken and he's always appalled that I add them to blogs! I always think it gives a bit of a personal touch.

Thanks also for your kind wishes. I do hope for that homecoming, as you know!

I wish you a great Christmas too and a very happy 2010.

Very best wishes,

(I'm going to post this as a comment on your blog as well, because I don't know if you always check back here)