Monday, November 23, 2009

Isle of Bute: Blackpark Stone Circle

Incredibly atmospheric and well worth a visit (we loved discovering them!), these three standing stones are all that remain of the original seven. They are surrounded by forestry plantation and composed mainly of quartz which explains their glittery appearance when seen at close quarters. One of the stones has been split by frost.

They aren't difficult to find: not far from the village of Kingarth, drive south along the A844, soon turning left onto a B road which runs down the centre of the peninsula. Continue along here until you see a signpost on the left pointing towards a forest track (it's possible to park here at the side of the road). The stones are found a short distance along here on the right on the edge of the Blackpark Plantation (hence the name of the stones).


Kirigalpoththa said...

Incredible work of nature! isnt it?

Jane said...

Thanks Kirigalpoththa!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I visited the stones this summer,I must say that your pictures are way better than mine.
Did you visit near by ST Blanes ?

I like this area of Rothesay,I would love to explore the area by foot rather than by car,great views of Arran if the weather is good.

Did you get many pics on your trip across the Mersey?
I would like to visit Liverpool it has a great sky with the Liver building,and the art gallery's look great.


Jane said...

Thanks Gerry,

Interesting that you visited these stones this year. I didn't get to St Blanes as we were in a hurry by then - though I turned the car round very close to that site. I'd love to have more time on Bute as well. I'm always rushing about as our holidays go too fast!

Liverpool was fastastic. More about that afterwards on your blog - I'll give you a link to my photos then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane

Had a good look at your Liverpool pictures,which I enjoyed,I was just getting into them when the slide show ended!

The buildings pics were fantastic,and there was something quite odd about the pics you took on the coach,looking out the window and the rear mirror letting you look at the passengers it was very clever.


Jane said...

That's very kind of you Gerry, many thanks! I wish I'd taken more photos but I only had the small camera and one memory card. I took a few short videos of the ferry crossing but they aren't very good, rather dark. I've put a couple on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Have you got your new computer yet?

You will have to tell me how you get on with windows 7,I never want to give XP up!