Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dunoon: Around the Town

Various photos taken in one of our favourite towns!

Argyll Street - a great little shopping centre

Bells of Dunoon - a fantastic clothes and souvenir shop! Website here

The Argyll Hotel is opposite the pier, and is one of Dunoon's distinctive landmarks.
The hotel website is here

Hillfoot Street and Argyll Vintners - the only place in the town (owing to new licencing laws) where you can buy gift packs of alcohol to take home (miniatures in tartan boxes etc).

Tourist Information Centre along
Alexandra Parade - a great place for books, maps, gifts and good helpful advice

The Castle House Museum details the history of Cowal to the present day, the history of the Clyde steamers, the wartime years and the American Naval base at the nearby Holy Loch. It is one of Dunoon’s most historic buildings set in beautiful gardens - unfortunately I have not had time to go inside yet!

On the hill opposite Dunoon Pier and erected in 1896, the statue of Robert Burns' 'Highland Mary' Campbell stares sadly across the water. You can read the full story here

The Yachtsman Cafe - probably the best place to eat, such good food and so reasonably priced too!

Geoffrey listening to those lovely Clyde waves (they sound nicer than any other kind!!)

Below, the beach near the cafe - swans, gulls and the odd crow

Below: looking south from the same spot, and the road to Innellan...

...and across the water to the Cloch Lighthouse

There's much more information about Dunoon here


Kirigalpoththa said...

Lovely little town!

Jane said...

Thanks Kirigalpoththa!

Anonymous said...

I love Dunoon,its a great place to watch the ships coming up the Firth,I often get the ferry over and just stay for an hour or two.

Hop on the CalMac ferry [a real ship]and walk along to the western ferries stopping for an ice cream at Kilmun,the view from the western ferries can be amazing on a good day,the last time we went we saw dolphins.

I don't think Highland Mary deserves a place on the hill.


Jane said...

Thanks for this Gerry, interesting what you say. I need much more time to do all these things - it's always such a rush about when we're there. Would love to see dolphins - never seen any. Inclined to agree about the statue - think there may be better candidates from local history (not sure who'd be best though).


Melinda Bogert said...

Jane, the link to read about Bobby Burn's Highland Mary Campbell doesn't work. It says "URL not found". Love to read about that. Your photos of Dunoon are wonderful! Love all the live feed cameras, and the lyrics to music on this website!

Jane said...

Thanks for letting me know about the link Melinda - I must see if I can put that right soon!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to visit this town. I've heard about dolphins argyll. It would be great to see them.

Deb said...

I lived in Sandbank in 1975 and went to Dunoon almost daily. My husband was in the Navy. I loved it there. I am always looking for pictures to see how it has changed. Thank you for posting the pics.

Jane said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment Deb, much appreciated. Interesting that you were there in the 70s - I have met others on line whose husbands were also in the Navy there. I hope to visit Dunoon again this year so will add more photos afterwards. Actually I may do so sooner because I think I have some Dunoon photos since the ones you've seen!!

Best wishes, Jane