Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toward: Rhanna

Just around the corner from Toward Lighthouse on Cowal in Argyll, stands Rhanna - the house where the popular novelist, Christine Marion Fraser (1938-2002) lived. Her books (22 in 18 years) outsold even Catherine Cookson's and were translated into many languages at the height of her success. Although she grew up in Govan, Glasgow, she moved to Toward with her husband, naming the house after her successful Rhanna series of novels. She suffered from ill health all her life, being confined to a wheelchair for most of the time.

I enjoyed reading the two volumes of her autobiography ('Blue Above the Chimneys' and 'Roses Round the Door') a few years ago, and it was quite a moving experience to see this lovely house where Christine lived so happily.


The attractive gates at the front

The road immediately outside Rhanna

Looking straight across the field to the Clyde

Flag in the sky!

There's an obituary here


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your new pictures Jane,interesting piece on Christine Marion Fraser,I must have passed the cottage but had no idea of its past,thanks.

Did you photoshop that blue sky in!I think this August has been declared the wettest ever for the area.


Jane said...

Hi Gerry, many thanks for this! Yes, I must admit I brightened the sky in the flag one! Perhaps I should put the original photo there instead as I've overdone it a bit. The others are natural though, believe it or not! Yes, it's been raining everywhere - also here in Wales of course - it never stops for long! Hope all's well with you and I hope to catch up with your photos soon too,


Kirigalpoththa said...

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

Last three photos are beautiful..especially the one with the Scottish flag in the sky :)

Jane said...

Thanks so much Kirigalpoththa!