Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Greenock: Hamish MacCunn

Hamish MacCunn ( 1868-1916) was a romantic composer, pianist and conductor who lived in Thornhill, Ardgowan Street, Greenock. He was the second son of a merchant and shipbuilder and went to the old Greenock Academy. He has been described as the "most Scottish of Scottish composers", wrote many orchestral and choral works and was quite famous in his day. Probably his best known work is the magnificent, "Land of the Mountain and the Flood" overture which was used in the 1970s as the theme tune to the television series, "Sutherland's Law". This was an amazing achievement as it was completed when MacCunn was only eighteen! It can be heard here.

Below, Thornhill in Ardgowan Street which I photographed when I was in Greenock:

The Wikipedia entry about his life can be found here

and there is another page at the Greenock Town website here


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your comments on the launch video,the Clyde has been over run with the grey funnels for a while now,pleased to say I had some time off to photograph something different. I managed to visit a couple of castles so hope to post them soon.

I enjoyed this piece on Hamish MacCun,brought back a few memories,I remember my mum watching sutherlands law,and that tune I think was the highlight!

Strange how he never seemed to compose anything of merit,I have never seen anything else by him?

I bought my first Run Rig album,and an Andy Stewat CD,what an influence you are having on me!


Jane said...

Thanks Gerry - look forward to seeing your new photos soon.

Yes, we bought Sutherland's Law recently on DVD but it was very poor, the tune was definitely the best bit! I've never heard any of MacCunn's other works either.

I've never influenced anyone ever before (as far as I know) so that's a first! So pleased to hear about your CDs - which ones did you buy? I'd be interested to know what you think of them,

Best wishes, Jane

ali said...

Hi Jane,

I found your blog while searching for the lyrics to The Lochside, thank you for posting them! My family tells the story of how my Grampa loved my Granny, but she'd have nothing to do with him. When she moved to Canada from Scotland in the late '20's my Grampa got a passage in steerage to follow her. He hassled her until she finally gave in and agreed to marry him ;) So that song always makes me smile.

Anyway, I love reading and learning about Scotland, especially since I'm working on putting together my genealogy (such a challenge!). Your blog is lovely and endearing and will probably be one of my newest haunts. Your pictures are lovely and your sentiments equally so.

Thank you!

Jane said...

Thank you so much Ali, I enjoyed hearing about your family! I really appreciate your kind comments too, very much appreciated.

Good luck with your genealogy work - it certainly isn't easy but must be very rewarding,

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hamish's repertoire is fairly extensive.
I would also recommend 'The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow'

Jane said...

Thanks for the recommendation which got me searching for links. We can hear a clip of The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow and others here (cut and paste as it's not a 'live' link):