Thursday, July 9, 2009

Greenock: Princes Pier

I remember this attractive old pier in the west end of Greenock with great affection. Work on it began in 1862, finished in 1870 and an extension was then added in 1921. It had its own railway station too and interesting photos can be seen here. In its day the pier was incredibly busy with many visiting craft, not least for all the thousands of passengers to be taken to, or brought back from, the huge liners sailing to and from America and Canada. Eventually, the pier at Gourock proved too much competition, Princes Pier began to be used less and less and unfortunately it was demolished in 1965 - what a waste!

Although it was somewhere we often walked I only have one personal photo, so I'm including a couple of old pictures from my collection.

Here I am with my Mum and aunties in 1961


Kirigalpoththa said...

Great information. Thanks for sharing all this!

Jane said...

Thanks so much Kirigalpoththa!

Donald Swarbrick said...

I love old photos especially when you know the area. I really enjoy your blog, keep them coming.

Jane said...

Many thanks Donald!

Anonymous said...

Jane ,love that tartan post card at the bottom of the page.
Hope you get plenty of good pics when you come up on holiday.

Be sure to visit Toward Castle,and Castle Toward,probably 15 mile from Inellen.
I have set out twice in the past few weeks to visit them,but the weather was ghastly,and don't forget the controversial ships on Loch Striven!


Jane said...

Thanks Gerry, very nice to hear from you! Yes, you can be sure that I will visit all those places you mention and I will add the photos to my many new blogs when I get back. Hope you get over there too and the weather is going to be good for all of us! I've just been reading about those ships online.
Best wishes, Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I remember travelling down to Princes Pier on my bike in my youth. Like you I didnt take any photos st the time unfortunately.
I dont know if you are aware of this footage of Greenock in 1959. Shows some scenes of Princes Pier.
Regards, Robert.

Jane said...

That's a wonderful old video Robert - thank you for letting me know about it!
Best wishes, Jane

Anonymous said...

Hello again Jane, Thank you for your comments on my webshots photos. The quality of image on video is not great but I recorded them on my digital camera and when uploaded they tend to lose quality in the transfer. I am also limited to around 1 min 30 secs due to upload restrictions. I think I will try 'you tube' for others that I took. If you would like me to send you a photo of the Bower plaque my email add is
Regards, Robert.

robert campbell said...

Hi Jane,
Came onto your blog while looking at old photos of Princes Pier. What a loveley place that was. What a tragic loss to Greenock when "they" demolished this lovely building. It should have been preserved. Just have a look at Weymess Bay station what was done with that.
Robert Campbell,

Jane said...

Hello Robert,

Thank you so much for your nice comment.

Yes I agree that the loss of Princes Pier was terrible. They demolish something and can never put it back - it should never be allowed.

Yes Wemyss Bay Station has been preserved well, thank goodness. It was always beautiful.

I have neglected my blog ever since I returned to Scotland!! I really must start it up again sometime.

I see you are in Greenock - do you have a blog or any photos to see?

Anyway, good to hear from someone in my favourite old town,

Best wishes, Jane