Thursday, July 9, 2009

Greenock: Bowling Club

The Bowling Club grounds were right across the road from where my aunts lived in Ardgowan Square and, as the gate was usually open, it was where we sometimes went to take photos!

An old photo (not mine!!) of the Bowling Club from Ardgowan Square, around 1906

This is me in Ardgowan Square with the Bowling Club in the background, 1959

Inside the Bowling Club grounds in 1961..

...and again in 1969

Auntie Lett outside the gates in 1966

You can find the Bowling Club website here
(there is a detailed history of the club and many old and new photos)


Anonymous said...

When walking past the tennis gound I used to collect the strayed tennis balls...take me back.
Alvan from

Jane said...

Thanks Alvan, so nice to hear from you!