Saturday, December 20, 2008

Watt Library, Greenock

This place holds very special memories for me of when it was the main lending library in the town (with a great children's section) and I was a very proud member for a few years in the late '50s/early '60s! I just loved being brought in here by my mother or aunties to browse the books and take one or two away for a week - I could have spent hours in here even then! I also managed to obtain a temporary membership when I stayed for summer holidays as an older child and teenager.

I revisited in October 2008 to take the photos below. I was thrilled to see the statue of James Watt, which used to fill me with awe when I was young (actually, I confess it still did!) The library is still beautiful inside but has seen many other changes throughout the years. Of course, now, it is mainly a local history and genealogy library although still apparently a lending library too with adult and children’s books to borrow. There are also computers, talking books and a photocopier there now which were certainly not around in my day!


Melinda the Intrepid said...

Sorry, it posted my comment twice! Tried to delete one and it deleted both! Anyhow, I was commenting that I LOVED the photos and what you related about being there as a child. I felt from seeing the photos as if I were there now!

Jane said...

No need to worry!! Many many thanks for all your very kind comments!!!