Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cardross Part 4

I recently heard from Michael MacDonald who was brought up in Cardross in 'Ruanaich', a white house next to the railway bridge. Below, some of his photos including some beautiful and impressive ones taken around Cardross (click to enlarge).

Michael MacDonald

Michael's childhood home, 'Ruanaich'

Above, Cardross fields in winter and below in summer

Below: Cardross shore

Cardross shore at dusk

Cardross shore at sunset. Greenock/Gourock on horizon

Michael also told me about Percy Sinclair Pilcher (1866-1899) who was a pioneer of unpowered flight. (I must admit I'd never heard of him) His first machine, 'The Bat' flew successfully from a hill at Cardross.
In Michael's words,

"Although not a native, Percy Pilcher made great leaps and bounds (literally) in flight, before the Wright Brothers. He did this on the hill behind the village near my brother in-law's farm, Cairnadrouth." See this link:

I must thank Michael very much for his interest and for allowing me to use his marvellous photos and other information in this continuing and evolving blog about Cardross! His own personal websites can be found below (and more of his photos too) -

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