Monday, August 13, 2012

Glasgow: World Pipe Band Championships 2012

I went to The World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow (Glasgow Green, to be precise) on August 11th 2012 and what a fantastic day out it was!! It was a hot summer's day and I enjoyed wandering about in the sunshine taking photos. Here are just a few of my personal favourites below:

I was amazed to see women tossing the caber - how times have changed!!
Above: a girl from Cullybackey in Northern Ireland
Above: Wallacestone and District Pipe Band from Scotland
Above: A piper from the Manorcunningham Pipe Band, Northern Ireland
I still haven't been able to find out the bands below but I'm still trying - I'd be grateful if someone would tell me if they happen to know!
Below: it was so crowded around the main arena that I couldn't get anywhere near it. However, there was a large screen showing all the action, and of course, it was possible to hear the bands anyway!
 Below: Arena 4 with the lovely People's Palace behind. There was a small craft fair inside, plus the usual cafe which I've been to before, but it was swelteringly hot on Saturday - no air conditioning - so I didn't spend long in there. I noticed that some of the staff had dripping faces so it must have been hell to work there in such heat.
 The atmosphere at the Championships was marvellous and I'd love to go again in future. (I still can't quite believe that I'm actually living in Scotland once more and can go to these wonderful events!)

Please see the official website here 
and also this short video on YouTube - click here


Gerda said...

ah, that looks like a great event to visit!

Jane said...

Thank you Gerda, so nice to hear from you!