Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Greenock Cut Waterfall 2011

Wow, what terrible winds there were in Scotland on the 23rd May this year!! We went to the Greenock Cut for a walk with a friend and were nearly blown away. It was really dangerous and we almost fell into the water. Then we had a lot of trouble getting back to Largs in the car because of all the branches which had blown across the road.

Here's a short video of the waterfall before the wind became too strong - we could still stand upright at this stage!! I was going to add music but then thought I'd leave the wind noise! Unfortuately I wasn't able to take more photos as we just wanted to concentrate on getting home safely.

"FREAK winds tore down trees, knocked out power supplies, and caused travel chaos and structural damage across Inverclyde yesterday. Gale-force gusts battered the district throughout the day, leaving a trail of debris in their wake, and causing a catalogue of problems. The Met Office issued a weather warning as gusts of up to 70mph hit the area. A spokesman described the weather across the west coast as 'exceptionally windy', adding that some particular exposed areas experienced gusts of up to 80mph." (Source: Greenock Telegraph)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog Jane...takes me back to my boyhood days in Greenock and up the Cut fishing for minnows then down the Esplanade fishing for Cod.
You lived just around the corner from me in Brisbane Street...well a couple of corners. We had friends in Kelly Street he used to make lovely Tablet...scrummy :)
Regards Alvan now living in Porthcawl...small world!

Jane said...

Thanks again Alvan. Do you remember the sweetie shop in Kelly St - I used to love going in there!! Oh yes, I loved tablet too - I often had some that my aunties' friends made for me. I had some in Largs last month - first time in years!!

Ellen Arnison said...

Hi Jane
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Melinda Bogert said...

Wow!! I finally got time to read this post! What a bad storm. Love the photos and video.