Saturday, August 28, 2010

A. J. Cronin - New Biography

Wonderful News! This first full biography comes out this October by the author, Alan Davies, entitled, 'A. J. Cronin, the Man who created Dr Finlay'; definitely not to be missed by anyone who loves Cronin's works.


'A. J. Cronin, author of some of the best-loved novels of the mid-twentieth century and the creator of Dr Finlay, has been unjustly overlooked by literary biographers. In this, the first full-length life of this eminent but often neglected writer, Alan Davies recounts the story of Cronin's Scottish childhood as the son of a Protestant mother and Catholic father, his subsequent medical career, and ultimately his rise to literary prominence, emphasizing throughout the importance of holding at arm's length many of the apocryphal tales that have accumulated around the memory of the author of "Hatter's Castle", "The Citadel" and "The Stars Look Down", many of which are based on mistaken autobiographical readings of Cronin's fiction itself. Incorporating an account of Cronin's tempestuous relationship with his publisher, Victor Gollancz, and revelations about his private life, Davies' timely and moving book paints a clearer portrait of both Cronin the writer and Cronin the man than the world has hitherto seen.

About the Author:

Born in Pontnewydd in South Wales, Alan Davies read Anthropology at University College London. After a career in industry, he turned to writing and the study of the life and works of A J Cronin, one of his lifelong passions. He has two children and lives in Shropshire with his wife.'

Some places on line where you can buy this book (needless to say, I have already pre-ordered my own copy!) For those ordering from a local store, the ISBN number is 9781846881121


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Jane said...

Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Nice to hear from you,sorry to hear your news.

Times are tough at the moment,was hoping to move myself,but seeing as I work in the public sector this has been put on hold!


Jane said...

Many thanks Gerry, nice to hear from you. I really hope that next year will be luckier for us all,

Best wishes, Jane

amedea said...

I didn't know about the biography. I am interested in Cronin's work and I wrote a thesis on three of his novels and authobiography in 1982 when I took my degree at Universiry in Naples.I worked on my thesis for two years and with great passion.
I have tried to find a link with the author of the "New biography" but I have not been successful.
I am visiting Edinburgh in July and I would like to visit Cronin's birth place. Is it possible?
Thanks for your help.