Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greenock Cut - Heritage Walk

I was delighted today to see my photo (above) of Shielhill Farm and the Greenock Cut in May's edition of the magazine, 'Scottish Memories', thanks to the historian, Nate Pedersen. It appears in his article 'A Walk Through Time' as one of his recommended ten heritage walks.

Information about the magazine can be found here

The photo appeared originally in my first blog 'The Greenock Cut', (there is some information about its history too) and there are many more of my photos in 'Greenock Cut 2'.


Kirigalpoththa said...


Jane said...

Thanks Kirigalpoththa!

Lucy Ann said...

Jane, I am thrilled to find your site. It's great! I'm researching life in Fairlie circa WW2 and haven't found a single photo of landscapes, and now come across yours with so many great ones not only of the area but the period (well close-ish - at least black and white!)too.
Do visit my blog - - or email me at if you think you may be able to help me dig!

Anonymous said...

I just walked the cut today, and found your site whilst trying to research some of the old resevoirs along the route! It's a lovely walk.

Jane said...

Thank you so much for visiting the site and leaving your comment; I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. It really is a wonderful place to explore with fantastic views too!