Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isle of Bute: Rothesay Harbour

Some of my photos taken around the harbour and pier

A short video from the pier (with a bit of unavoidable wind noise!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Nice pics of the harbour, I've not got round to sorting mine out yet from my visit last summer!

I think overall they done a good job of cleaning the harbour up,its good to see it being used. Shame there's not many fishing boats but they are few and far between these days.

I am not keen on the new link span for the ferry, its fairly ugly but it was required under new EU laws.


Mark said...

Nice pictures of the Rothesay Harbour. Very interesting pictures

Jane said...

Thank you Gerry and Mark, very nice to have your comments.

Donald Swarbrick said...

Its a while since I have been there, and I see some changes.

Jane said...

Thanks Donald, I thought you would know this harbour well and I'm sure you'd spot quite a few changes.