Saturday, February 21, 2009

Isle of Arran: Brodick

A visit to Arran in October 2008

Sadly it rained most of the day but I managed to take a few photos during the dry bits!

View of Arran from Ardrossan before we took the ferry across

On the ferry

Getting closer - a wonderful experience!

Brodick Castle and rainbow only just seen through some misty rain

Brodick Harbour - almost every kind of transport!
Below: Some views from Brodick shore

Goat Fell, the highest mountain on the island at 2,867 ft

Click here for more information about Brodick

...and the Isle of Arran here


Anonymous said...

Nice pics Jane,hope to go over for a wee jaunt at Easter time.

Have you seen the new plans for James Watt Dock?
Most upsetting shops and houses.

Mind you the way the economy is it may never happen


Adullamite said...

I assure you I didn't steal any of these pics for use as wallpaper!
You can trust me.......

Jane said...

Thanks for this link Gerry. That's terrible really, I had no idea there were such extensive plans. It will be a real eyesore. How Greenock has changed - I'm amazed by some of the other plans I've heard about as well. Is there any news about what's being built on the old Jarvis Hotel site in Gourock? I know there were horrible plans for multi-storey flats which would be an eye-sore from across the water too. Hope you get across to Arran at Easter and the weather improves soon too!

Jane said...

Adullamite - nice to hear from you again too! Thanks (I think)! Ha ha!! (You're welcome to take any for your own use)!