Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ken Lochhead

I was really sorry to hear that the artist, Ken Lochhead, had died recently. He travelled all over Scotland to paint landscapes and pictorial maps of different Scottish areas. A print of his "Firth of Clyde" (1997) hangs in our kitchen and it's always interesting to look at as it's so highly detailed.

Ken was born in Milngavie, Glasgow in 1936.
He became interested in painting from an early age and studied architecture at Edinburgh College of Art. He went on to work as an architect for 12 years before becoming a full time artist, working almost exclusively in watercolour. There's surprisingly little about him on the internet, sadly, and scarcely any of his work.

Above: part of the map (click to enlarge a bit - though it may not be enough to read the small print)

UPDATE OCTOBER 2008: Some of his maps like this one are still available at Nicolson Maps of Largs. They aren't on their website but you can ring or write to ask.

Nicolson Maps
3 Frazer Street, Largs, Ayrshire
KA30 9HP, Scotland

Tel & Fax:
From within the UK: (01475) 689242
From abroad: +44 (0) 1475 689242


Denis Bell said...

It's just so good to take time and look at the detail isn't it?..Too often we are too busy and just see the blur without studying the content...I think 'a nice cup of tea or coffee and some decent study, to see what the man saw'...?

Excellent Jane, Denis.

Jane said...

Thank you Denis and I couldn't agree more! Best wishes, Jane

Jane said...

(A different Jane, that is!...) Thanks for this! I agree that it is VERY hard to find anything of his work online. When visiting Scotland, I stumbled onto his greeting cards and longed to find a shop that sold larger prints of his, but never could. In searching the internet now, I just came across your post. Thanks for the information. Do you know where to get prints like the one you have? I believe he has done others like that as well, yes? Perhaps one of Edinburgh?

Jane from GA in the US

Jane said...

Hi Jane, Thanks for your message - nice to hear from you! I wish I could tell you where to buy Ken Lochhead prints but I have searched the internet to no avail. I was given the one I have some years ago and I don't know where the person bought it. It was someone I 'met' through the internet and we've lost touch now. I'm going to Scotland next month and intend to ask around in various art and map shops. If I find any for sale I will let you know - in fact, I will also update my blog on the subject!
Best wishes, Jane

bill urquhart said...

just bought a ken lochhead watercolour anyone tell me more as its an early one signed k.j.v. lochhead