Saturday, July 5, 2008

Erskine Ferry

The River Clyde at Erskine was once shallow enough to cross on foot until the 18th century when it was deepened to allow large ships to sail to Glasgow. The Clyde Navigation Trust acquired the Erskine Ferry in 1911 and added a vehicle ferry boat to the old passenger service from Erskine (in Renfrewshire) to Old Kilpatrick (in West Dunbartonshire). The ferry service closed down in 1971 when the newly built Erskine Bridge opened.

This postcard and Erskine Ferry tickets are from a trip north which I made in 1968


Anonymous said... well, I wrote:
it is very nice to see and read this all, and I made now a translation to understand it better, love regards klaus h

Jane said...

Danke schön lieber Klaus

Gerard Ward said...

I have never seen a colour photograph of the Erskine ferry!

I saw tickets for the ferry being sold on ebay!

Jane said...

Yes, I'm glad I kept this card and the old tickets too. Imagine them being sold on ebay! (Perhaps I should sell mine!!) Thanks for the comment.

Denis Bell said...

Just on the subject, I find the history very interesting...I've created a bit of a 'cause celebre' on the shutting of the bridge 'due to high winds'/....some bureaucrats think it's more dangerous to drive on a windy bridge, than travelling head on towards a lorry (say 100 mph meeting speed?) on a country road with only about 500mm between us..joke!!
Good one again Jane, thankyou, Denis.

Jane said...

Good point Gerry, I know which choice I'd make!!

Gerard Ward said...

Jane I have just bought this postcard of the Erskine ferry on ebay!


Jane said...

Imagine you getting the same card Gerry! I bet it cost more than I paid for mine in 1968!